We all have routines and patterns in our life that help us get through — perhaps it’s your morning ritual, which sees you wake up, and then turn on the kettle for your cup of coffee before making your breakfast. To do the reverse would be madness for you! We all have our reasons for doing things in a certain order, normally relating to what is important to us at that moment, and what our own priorities are. Chances are, your routine looks a little different to your colleagues.

What does this have to do with business process mapping? Well…

A responsible investor in 2021 simply cannot ignore the impact technology has on the ability of their portfolio companies to scale. Empowered by funding, companies can grow more rapidly than ever, yet without a clear technology roadmap and a strong IT infrastructure, increasing the business volume by 5 or 10 times in a short period of time can lead to disastrous results. To empower investors to make better decisions and put a spotlight on areas where funding is most needed in a potential investee, Enable chose Remote Technology Due Diligence as one of the core offerings. …

Investing takes patience, expertise, foresight, and a little bit of luck. The lines between a successful and an unsuccessful investment are narrow, shifting, and may appear differently depending who is asking and answering the question.

Investors have traditionally focused on the core assets and liabilities that a company holds, but in 2021 this scope is no longer enough. The digital revolution has come to Africa, impacting every aspect of business generation and unlocking untold opportunity, and as such it has never been more vital that companies effectively use technology to reach these new markets.

It therefore speaks to wisdom that…

At Enable, we see more and more companies in sectors such as energy, clean cooking or water filtration asking for data lake implementations. But what is all this buzz about? What problem are data lakes attempting to solve? How do you know if a data lake is right for your situation? Are data lakes always the best fit? What are the benefits and potential pitfalls of data lakes and how well do they work for SMEs in emerging markets? These are some of the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Before we explore data lakes in more…

Dakar, Senegal was the setting for the latest GOGLA and SolarPlaza conference, Unlocking Solar Capital. This event saw Enable join over 300 attendees from across the on- and off- grid energy market to hear expert panels discuss a diverse range of topics, from how to create a path to profitability, to how the sector can better support local African entrepreneurs.

A conference set up with multiple tables where different organisations were showcasing what they could offer
A conference set up with multiple tables where different organisations were showcasing what they could offer
Distributors, manufacturers, NGOs and investors were all present during the 2 day conference in Dakar

The solar industry continues to hold a key position in addressing challenges in the energy market, but the majority of organisations in this field struggle with finding the right technology that allows them to grow, service those last mile customers…


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